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USA Powerlifting Oklahoma Summer Bash
Sanction #: OK-2017-03
Competition Date: August 26, 2017
Venue: Brewhouse Barbell
1124 NW 51st St
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Entry Deadline is July 31, 2017

This meet is limited to the first 60 entry forms received.

Online Entry Form


USA Powerlifting Rocky Mountain State Games
Sanction #: CO-2017-03
Venue: National Strength & Conditioning Association
1885 Bob Johnson Dr.
Colorado Springs

Competition Dates: Friday, July 28 – Sunday, July 30
***Due to the high demand of this competition we are adding a Friday late afternoon/evening session if needed. We will know more of what this looks like the beginning of July.
Entry Deadline is July 1, 2017

Online entry form


2017 USA Powerlifting RMLC Championships
Sanction #: CO-2017-05
Competition Dates:  November 18-19, 2017

Entry form to be published by August 15, 2017

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. Sir my name is Conrad Martinez from S. A. Tx am looking at records for Bench press for National records with bench shirt, which when I bring up as active it is from the retired records 2014, is the record correct 122.5 kg for National active for age group 3B a Robert Cortes set in 1995 is that the active record still, or is there a newer updated database.Considering your meet in Sept. how far is the meet from Denver airport are there shuttles or will I have to take a cab and how far is Aurora from there.Thanks Conrad Martinez

  2. Dan/Jennifer

    Can you tell me the bar diameter used in the bench nationals. Cannot find this info. on site.

    Thank you

    Chuck Mulligan

  3. Hey Guys – I have a pretty solid grouping of lifters who want to participate in the 2017 State Meet. Many are NASA aficionados, USAPL newbies, or dinosaurs (like myself) who want to come back from the old days of USPF and APF and get more involved with USAPL. Can you send some specifics to us on projected meets for next spring and summer? I’ve developed a pretty good team of novice to advanced lifters who want to come be a part of upcoming competitions. Any support you can give would be great! Jeff Lund, Co-op Owner – Classic Barbell Club – facebook.com/classic barbell

    Feel free to message us back on social media for info so all our team members are in the loop. You guys are awesome for the support and efforts you make to the powerlifting community in Colorado!

    1. Hi Jeff! We have the State Meet 1st weekend of December and then in Feb we will have the 2017 State Meet. We are moving it to beginning of the year. We would LOVE to have you and others compete. Please stay tuned to this page for event info.


  4. Jennifer
    i am planning on attempting a National Record in your Feb 11,2017 meet which will be the Colorado State Championship.I have lifted at your old location before as a Masters3
    This one will be Masters 3B The lift will be a Deadlift only Raw. could you let me know if this will be possible??Going to take a lot of planning Thanks Cliff

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