Located at 16251 E. Colfax Ave, Auora, CO 80011
on Colfax Ave between Airport Blvd. and Laredo St. in the International Plaza.

We are a privately-owned gym dedicated to helping both competitive and recreational strength and power athletes of all ages and levels reach their highest potential. Owners Dan and Jennifer Gaudreau are both world-class competitive powerlifters. Dan is a certified coach with both USA Powerlifting and USA Weightlifting organizations and conducts coaching certification seminars on-site. Jennifer is Senior International Coach with USA Powerlifting. Our friendly members span all fitness levels and will make you feel right at home; sharing advice, jokes, and an occasional ammonia cap.

In addition to what you might expect at most fitness centers, we also offer:

  • Chalk! Yes, we allow and even encourage chalk use!
  • Specialty equipment for strongman
  • Competition racks, bars, and plates (pounds and kilos)
  • Assistance with supportive suits and gear

We operate on an access code.  If you are interested in our facility please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 303.337.4613

Monday-Friday 6am-9pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 10am-4pm